Went To A Great Italian Restaurant In Coral Gables

Italian Restaurants

I wanted to get away for a few days and my friend that recently moved invited me to come stay with her. I was pretty excited because I really needed a few days away and I wanted to see her new home. I also wanted to explore the city with her and have some fun while I was there. She told me the best time to come stay which worked perfect for me because I was off work on those days. I packed my things and headed her way. Since it was just a few hours away, I decided to drive there. She gave me her address and I programmed it in my GPS. It was a nice drive, but it was easy to find using the GPS.

I pulled up to her home and she greeted me outside and helped me carry my things into her house. I loved where it was located and couldn’t wait to see what kind of things there were to do. When I arrived I was hungry and she asked me where I wanted to go to eat. I told her I wasn’t sure what was around and she said she really wasn’t sure either. She asked me what kind of food I wanted to get and I told her it didn’t matter. She then told me she was going to search for Italian restaurants in Coral Gables.

After searching for a few minutes she said she found a few different ones and started telling me about them. I told her either one would work for me. She said she knew where one of them was located because she passed by it every day on her way to work. We left to go there and it was just a short distance from her home.

We didn’t have to wait long to be seated which was really nice. The waiter came and told us what the specials for the day were. We looked over their drinks and she ordered wine and I got beer to start. We looked over the menu while we waited on our drinks and quickly decided what we wanted.

Our drinks arrived first and our food shortly after. This was really great service and I am glad she picked this restaurant to eat at which I first read about at gagearweb.com. Their food was really great. We were both pleased and she said this was going to be her new go to restaurant.

While we were eating, I asked her if she could think of anything for us to do after this. She said there was a bar down the road a little ways and it was close to home. I told her I was definitely up for a night out.

After eating, we headed back to her house and got ready to go out. We had a great time at the bar and met lots of people. They had a DJ that night and we heard lots of great songs and danced all night.

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