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Animal control problems can be a serious nightmare as they keep you awake at night and disturb your daily routine. If you have animal control problems there are three things that you should try. The first is to use repellants, the second is to use traps and the last is to call a professional. Of course, you need to assess your situation and determine which of these methods of control would be best.

Using Repellents

Repellents come in a range of shapes and sizes as they are designed to keep certain types of animals away. When looking at repellants you will find stationary repellants such as hawks and chemical repellants such as granules. You need to consider the animal you are trying to repel and the location you are in.

If you have birds such as sea gulls constantly landing on your property you might want to get a stationary hawk. These hawk statues repel sea gulls and other bird because they represent danger as the hawk is a predator. These types of repellants will need to be placed in plain view of the animals you are trying to repel otherwise they will not be effective.

Chemical repellents are best for land animals such as rodents, deer and rabbits. Chemical repellants can be granules that you shake around the perimeter of your property or a chemical spray that is applied to the perimeter. These repellents will need to be topped up regularly as they can spread and fade in open areas. If you are going to use chemical repellants you need to be careful in their handling and storage as they can be dangerous to humans if ingested.

Using Traps

If repellants are not working or you do not want to use a repellant you can try using traps. Traps vary in design depending on the animal you are looking to trap. However, most will be a cage with a trap door that closes and cannot be opened by the animal inside.

When buying a trap you should consider the size of the animal you are looking to trap. Most traps are non-lethal and will require you to release the animal after it has been caught.

Call A Professional

Most people with a serious animal control problem will contact a professional. This could be your local animal shelter, companies mentioned on sites such as or the local animal control unit. They will not only remove the animal if possible, but they can offer advice on how to repel the animals. If you are using traps for your problem then you should contact animal control to remove the animal once the trap has been sprung.

Animal control will either take the animal to a shelter where they will be looked after or they will release them back into the wild. When released back into the wild this will usually be a distance from your location so there is less chance of the animal returning.

Animal control problems can be a nightmare. However, there are a number of ways that you can deal with this including repellents, traps and contacting a professional.

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