Palliative Care Is About Quality Of Life For Seriously Ill Patients

Palliative Care

While prognoses for different types of cancer are getting better and better these days, it remains a very deadly disease. It is also more widespread than ever before. If you look at the top causes of death in this country, cancer appears time and time again. When a cancer diagnosis is confirmed, it is easy to feel like your whole life has been turned upside down. You, your family, your doctors and others are going to be working on your recovery into remission. You can beat this, and while you do, don’t forget to live.

That is where palliative care comes into play. It provides a different kind of focus to the recovery process. It could be labeled as the care provided concerning quality of life. Think about hospice care, and think about those with a diagnosis that is terminal. Hopefully, your prognosis is excellent. Palliative care isn’t just about those cancer patients who are terminal or going into hospice care though. It’s also not just for cancer patients.

Palliative care is for people that have a serious health condition, so it could be cancer or another illness. As I write this, my aunt is on a ventilator, and they are pulling the tube out and letting her go in just a few hours. It is very sad, and yes, she had cancer, stomach cancer. She was diagnosed as terminal with inoperative cancer about two years ago. Everyone knew the day would come, including her, but honestly it happened well before the doctor was telling her it would.

Over the last couple years, with a terminal diagnosis, she made the most of what time she had left. It is easy to think that way or sat that, but it is easier said than done. A cancer diagnosis is shocking, especially if you find out you are terminal. It isn’t easy for anyone to keep living when they see trials ahead concerning treatment and a possible outcome that finds them leaving this world soon.

However, we have to remember that everyone is going to die. No one knows when they are going to die. You are alive today and hopefully feeling well physically. Think in terms of the goals of palliative care and allow the team of professionals involved to do what they do best. They have all the tools and resources to help guide you.

Quality of life care or palliative care includes so many things. For example, say someone is in pain. Those pain symptoms can be managed. Also, this type of care is not just about the patient but the patient’s family. They can also have a difficult time when someone they love is suffering from an illness.

Palliative care as you can see is very important and sites like back this up. There is prognosis and treatment, but people can’t forget to live. If you are in a situation where this type of care would be beneficial, reach out to the medical professionals around you to see what your options are.

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