7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 18) – Finals Week

— 1 —

pearl harbor

— 2 —

This past Tuesday I celebrated my birthday, and I decided that I wanted to write a tribute blog post, The Image and Likeness of God, for my patron saint, St. John Damascene. For those of you who don’t know, St. John Damascene was a seventh century monk and priest who wrote a wide range of theological treatises, of which his three works combating the error of Iconoclasm are best remembered. The Second Council of Nicaea relied heavily on his works when they affirmed in no uncertain terms the worth and appropriateness of scared icons and imagery in prayer and worship. As my post explains, this had a wide-reaching effect on both theology and the entire direction of art in the Christian world. You should definitely go read it to find out more about this Doctor of the Church and how he impacted the Church and the world. There, that’s my shameless self-promotion for the day!

— 3 —

This coming Mon- Wed I have my final exams for the semester, and I am trying not to FREAK OUT. Not because of the exams, but because I have been procrastinating to a ridiculous degree on various assignments and projects that will need to be turned in within just a few days. I know from past experience that I cannot let the stress get to me, otherwise I’ll just shut down and give up entirely. So I’m accepting that I let my ADHD get the better of me this time, forgiving myself for the procrastination, and planning a series of marathon homework sessions this weekend. However much work it is, I know that it is nowhere near as daunting as I am making it out to be in my head, and I know that I can get it all done and turned in to my professors. I just have to keep telling myself that until I really believe it.

So…prayers, please? Thank you so much.

— 4 —

If you think that you, your spouse, your child, or a loved one or friend might be struggling with undiagnosed ADHD, Dr. Edward Hallowell’s site is a great resource for learning more. He’s one of the leaders in the field of ADHD treatment and management, and pretty much everything he writes on the subject is worth reading. Proper identification and treatment can dramatically improve a person’s quality of life. Take it from me, I know.

— 5 —

This Buffy the Vampire Slayer tribute trailer is amazing.


— 6 —

Also amazing: this piece by Fr. Mike Schmitz on what it is like for the priest who hears your confession. Among other things, I learned that priests have to do penance for the sins of the people who come to them for Confession. Really powerful; I was moved to tears by Fr. Mike’s account of his father’s toast at his post-ordination party:

The day after I was ordained, we had a little party and my dad stood up and made a toast. He has worked his entire life as an orthopedic surgeon, and he was a very good one. My whole life, his patients have come up to me at one time or another and told me how their lives have been changed because my dad was such a good surgeon.

So, there my dad was, standing in the midst of these people, and he began to say, “My whole life, I have used my hands to heal people’s broken bodies. But from now on, my son Michael . . . um, Father Michael . . . will use his hands (at this point, he got choked up) . . . He will use his hands to heal broken souls. His hands will save even more lives than mine have.”

So grateful for the men who answer God’s call to be another Christ and shepherd the flock.

— 7 —

I wish I had some insightful Advent reflection to proffer, but between my car breaking down in the middle of last week and needing progressively more expensive repairs (which served to ratchet the stress level up to Eleven), and the looming menace of the end of the semester and finals, I haven’t managed to do any proper Advent preparations. So I encourage you to click the link at the bottom and enjoy other 7 Quick Takes Friday blogs at the link-up on Conversion Diary!

I leave you with my favorite of the playful St. Nicholas memes that were circulating throughout social media yesterday in honor of the bishop and notable puncher-of-Arius’s feast day! God bless!



UPDATE: It appears that Jennifer Fulwiler (who hosts 7 Quick Takes Friday on her Conversion Diary blog) and I are perfectly in synch this week regarding our #7 items! Totally unplanned, but such is the power of the meme.

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

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5 Responses to 7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 18) – Finals Week

  1. Thomas says:

    You and your homework and your finals are in my prayers.

  2. Contra says:

    #3 I have that same problem with the ADHD and putting everything off. Thankfully this semester I forced myself tostart doing things at the second to last minute. I actually forced myself to start working on the papers and studying on Tuesday. Still have been in panic/stress mode all week though.

  3. Good luck and God’s speed with the homework and the finals!
    Awesome job being lined up with Jen’s #7 take – love that meme!

  4. Hi Mike. This is my first time here. I clicked through from FL&P and then to this post. I love the confession article by Fr. Mike Schmitz! Thank you for sharing it.

    • mikecgannon says:

      Glad you enjoyed it! If you listen to podcasts at all, all of Fr. Mike’s Sunday homilies are available to download free on iTunes (just search under “UMD Newman Catholic Campus Ministry”). I’ve listened to the past couple months worth and so far each one has been excellent!

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