Obama Dog Recipes; Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Meme War

I’ll admit it: at first, I thought the Obama Dog Recipes hashtag game on Twitter was a bit silly and something of a distraction from the real issues of the election (such as the economy, Obamacare, religious liberty, and the general kleptocratic behavior of the Obama administration). I thought that, once again, the Right was allowing itself to be distracted and sidetracked into pointless battles over meaningless issues.

Brief bit of background: Obama campaign operatives started pushing the story that Mitt Romney was once cruel to his family dog, and conservative activists and bloggers fired back by pointed out that in his autobiography, Dreams From My Father, Barack Obama bragged of having eaten dog as a boy in Indonesia. On Twitter, it became something of a game to try to invent creative and satirically-titled “Obama Dog Recipes” to further turn the story back on its creators. This had the effect of nipping the “Romney is cruel to animals” meme in the bud and making Obama and his campaign crew seem ridiculous yet again.

While certainly amusing, I thought this was all generally a waste of time of effort. Two items that I came across convinced me that I was wrong.

The first was this piece over at RedState.com by regular contributor streiff. Read the whole thing. The money quote that sealed the deal for me is found towards the very end.

Contrary to what a lot of folks on our side are saying these attacks are far more important to defend against than obsessing over Romney’s position on Afghanistan or the capital gains tax because this election is not going to be fought over issues and ideas. Were ideas and issues really important, Obama would be sitting alone in a by-the-hour motel room with a bottle of cheap bourbon and straight razor. He doesn’t have issues and he doesn’t have accomplishments so all that is left to him is to tear down Romney.

He makes an excellent point. Contrary to what we may wish the election to be decided on, the Left is going to do everything in its power to make sure those issues which hurt Obama are swept firmly under the rug, and the Left has a lot of power. Between the bully pulpit of the presidency and the massive firepower of the mainstream media, the GOP and the conservative movement will not have the luxury of picking and choosing its battlefields. Like it or not, the best we can hope for in many circumstances is going to be winning fights that are not of our choosing. For far too long, the Left has had free rein in defining our candidates for us. No more. With the monolithic influence of the MSM shattered by talk radio, Fox News Channel, and the conservative blogosphere, we have the means to turn the tables on our adversaries.

The second thing that sold me was this YouTube video. Once I finished rolling on the floor in laughter, I realized that the clash of memes against the humorless minions of the Obama machine is not only a battle that we have to fight, but a war that we can win. We have the power to make President Obama and the Democrats look as foolish and ridiculous as they in fact are. Pass the popcorn.

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